Jamie Woodlief

Jamie Woodlief moved to North Carolina from upstate New York in 1993 and started working in the agricultural industry. Realizing her dream was to pursue a career in communications, she decided to return to school.  While attending North Carolina State University, she had an opportunity to work for WLFL-TV, Channel 22 in Raleigh. Eventually she became the Education Reporter for the channel. While building her educational network, she decided to settle down and step away from the news. Jamie began working at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.   

She has worked in key areas in the department including communications, legislation, and early childhood. Also, her role in the Office of the State Superintendent was pivotal in the daily operations of the office. As Project Coordinator for the Digital Learning Initiative in Academic and Digital Learning, she oversaw the state-wide 100% successful opt-in process for the Home Base suite of tools for the 2017-18 school year. In her nearly 18 years of working in education, she has collaborated with, supported, managed, or coordinated with nearly every division in the agency and likely every school district in the state.   

Jamie is married and has one daughter. She and her daughter love to hike in the mountains and thoroughly enjoy camping.